Wedding Party

Caroline Markey

Maid of Honor

Caroline is Katherine’s younger sister, though everyone commonly mistakes them as twins. They may as well be twins due to their many similarities. From their love of Taylor Swift to their sense of humor, the only difference between them is that Caroline will always be the cooler and taller sister. A quote to sum them up is “Sisters by chance, friends by choice.” Iykyk

Andy McCaffrey

Best Man

As Ty’s brother, Andy has had the joy of knowing him his entire life and watched him grow into the faithful man of God he is now. He has had the pleasure of seeing Ty at his happiest for many years but nothing compares to getting to see Ty and Kat together. He cannot wait to see his little brother take a very big step and to celebrate their big day together.

Cameron Huggins


As one of Katherine’s younger cousins, Cameron has known her since birth. Her favorite memory of Katherine is from their grandfather’s birthday trip to Montana. As the family was preparing for a boat tour, Katherine asked “Are we going on a boat for the boat tour?”. Cameron hopes the wedding will bring out the same energy. Fun fact: her hair is different each time you see her.

Aidan McClish


Aidan is super excited to celebrate his friends Ty and Kat. When Aidan joined his fraternity, Theta Xi, Ty became his big. They quickly became close friends and they have gotten to grow together as brothers! This last summer Aidan and Ty traveled Europe together on study abroad and got to go on boat tours, hikes, and cliff jumping excursions. Back in Atlanta, they enjoy late night Krispy Kreme runs and watching movies together. Aidan could not be happier to be one of Ty’s groomsmen and watch Ty get married to the amazing Kat Markey!

Sarah Kirksey


As one of Katherine’s older cousins, Sarah is the superior adult influence in her life. She spends her time sending the family videos of her two amazing dogs, and encouraging her cousins’ impropriety. She was voted the funniest cousin and most likely to get drunk at a family wedding, but someone else holds that title. Guess who!

Ryan McWhirter


Ryan and Ty's friendship first started when they were Theta Xi associate members together in their first semester at Georgia Tech. Since then, they've bonded over various vacations to Kiawah Island and Mexico, Theta Xi parties and retreats, and GT sporting events. From late night conversations and advice sessions to formal trips and shared memories, Ryan and Ty have gotten close as great friends, and he's ready to celebrate Kat and Ty's wedding!

Tena Nguyen


As Katherine's best friend since high school turned roommate throughout college, Tena and Kat have grown up side by side navigating life together. Katherine has been her sounding board over the years, and she is so excited to be able to stand next to Kat and support her on her big day. Tena remembers when Kat and Ty first started dating, she jokingly told Ty that she knew at least one of them would always be a part of Kat's wedding and that it would be her. Fast forward a couple years, both her and Ty are now a part of the wedding, and she is so excited to celebrate her favorite couple!

Logan Hudson


Logan and Ty first met in the fall of 2019 and have been great friends ever since. Logan helped play a big part in the beginning of Kat and Ty's relationship, and when Logan and Ty lived together during the pandemic, he and Kat got close as good friends as well. Logan can still remember the night he and Ty walked end to end on campus in the freezing cold to hang out with Kat, putting off studying but helping Kat and Ty's relationship grow. He's excited to celebrate his two friends getting married!

Connor Vizon


Connor and Ty got close as college fraternity brothers while at Tech and were roommates this past year. From late night escapades to gaming sessions to trips to Cancún, Connor and Ty's friendship grew into what it is today. Connor also has a close friendship with Kat, and they studied abroad across Europe together at Georgia Tech Lorraine. Connor will be playing the ceremony music for the couple and is excited to be a special part of celebrating Kat and Ty's wedding together!